Plan What You Want To Do.

Decide where you want to go, what challenges you want to try and how you can best complete them!

Complete The Challenge.

Go out and explore your destination, tick off the challenges on your list and achieve the points needed to complete the challenge!

Buy The Challenge Medal.

After you have successfully completed your chosen challenge, you can then buy a memento of your journey and accomplishment. Something to help you remember and celebrate your adventures forever.

TravelMedals is a concept that brings the adventure back to travelling. It’s a new site for goal orientated travellers when visiting new places or planning exciting adventures. Our goal is to give you the best list of activities, food, drinks, attractions and local sights in your next destination. The objective is to complete the goal set out in the challenge while tagging @travelmedals on social media. If you complete the tasks outlined in the challenge, then you’ve succeeded in conquering the trip and can buy a great collectable medal to commemorate your victory and remember your trip! We want you to get the most out of your holidays and travelling adventures and are dedicated to showing you everything you need to do to make your trip unforgettable. You can take on the full challenge or simply take some advice on things to try out. We’re here to guide you.

Anyone can provide evidence through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or e-mail all using the handle @travelmedals. It is not mandatory to submit evidence but is positive to build the community and share your pictures to inspire other travellers.

In short, we will trust that those who have completed the challenges will be honest with themselves and us and honour the system as it is. Complete the challenge, you have then earned the reward. For certain challenges, such as Peaks, we want you to complete the experience by taking photos of yourselves at the bottom, during the ascent and at the top of the mountain. That way we have proof of the accomplishment and it’s a great way for the participants to have another reminder of a great day!

Perfect! Simply drop us a line on our contact us page. We love hearing feedback and suggestions, so let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll see if we can get it sorted.

TravelMedals is still a relatively new concept and although we’re taking all the steps to get medals in place, we made the decision to put up the challenges for people to try first. Though rest assured we are working on getting medals sorted for all challenges and hopefully they will be ready for you very soon.

This is understandable, if your planning on peak bagging or completing a long distance trek, then you want the medal at the peak or finish for photos. This is no problem as all medals will come within a brown envelope within the package. Therefore you can order a medal, complete the challenge and still open and see the medal for the first time after completing the challenge. Then get some
excellent photos in that location, don’t forget to tag @travelmedals.

We welcome anyone who wants to design a medal for us. Simply drop us a line on our contact us page. If your design is chosen then we will link your social media or business details on the challenge page below the medal.

We welcome anyone who wants to write articles for us. Simply drop us a line on our contact us page. If we publish the article then we will link your social media details on the article page.