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The Best Bars in Warsaw, Poland!

The Best Bars in Warsaw, Poland!

For anyone planning a city break in Warsaw, the most populous city in Poland, we’ve got a list of the best bars in the city. These bars are the perfect spots to relax with a drink while exploring this amazing city. Most of the bars in the list are concentrated around the historical Old Town which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cocktail Bar Max

The place where the owners decided to fulfil their dreams about the most sophisticated and exotic cocktails. Imagine the most exotic fruits, imagine a whole range of colours, imagine the taste. Describe it to them and with their hands they will create a cocktail of your dreams. Thanks to the best polish bartenders and unlimited access to the rarest and most exotic fruits there is no challenge they cannot meet. It is a place created not only by enthusiasts but also people with invaluable knowledge of alcoholic commodities, history of alcohol and the stages of its production. Every year they practice alcoholic tourism, visiting the remotest corners of the world in order to delve into the secrets of the production of the various species of spirits. Follow their Instagram for incredible cocktail creations and their signature cocktail of the week like passion fruit and melon with metaxa honey. 

The Roots

A unique place in the heart of Warsaw, inspired by the atmosphere and regionalism in London, Sydney and New York but mixed with Polish temperament, creativity and regionalism. Not only a cocktail bar but also showcasing a world’s unique collection of historic exhibits connected with the art of bar-tending. Including the first edition of the Bartender’s Handbook from 1862, “The Bartender’s Guide“, signed by iconic author, Jerry Thomas. The collection also contains antique shakers, coolers and jiggers as well as Poland’s biggest collection of the long discontinued Starka Vodka. This bar is the history of bar-tending, classic and craft cocktails, exceptional hospitality of the Polish people and the best atmosphere. Their cocktail menu, in addition to the classic recipes, offers seasonal craft cocktails inspired by regions of Poland. If you visit they will tell you something about the history of bar-tending and you can enjoy classic modern cocktails with a local twist. 

Kita Koguta

A two-tiered cocktail bar in the heart of Śródmieście Warszawy, whose creators are recognised and titled bartenders – Jakub Kozłowski and Adam Grądziel. It’s an extensive place over two floors with a lot of tables and a great atmosphere. They provide excellent surprising drinks selected individually to every guest depending on their requested preferences. Due to this personal creation of drinks, the waiting time for cocktails is long, due to the extensive labour that is put into each preparation, so this is not a place for impatient people looking for fast drinks. Those that decide to sit back and enjoy the wait, can expect fantastic service, very professional but still casual. The staff will help every customer with an individual approach and a range of possibilities to combine flavors for a spectacular cocktail. If you want to feel like a VIP this is the first place in Warsaw to visit. 


A Craft Beer Pub well-known on the Warsaw map of beer. At your disposal, they give you 17 taps with local craft beer, which means they have a beer for everyone at a reasonable price. They have all types including Porters, Stouts, IPAs and wheat beers. They store the beer in their basement, in a spacious cold store, from which the system of wires goes straight to the bar. This is extremely important when fresh, unpasteurised beer is served. Why not try a flight to sample a number of different beers. Additional to Beer, their pride is a wide selection of different Bourbon and Scottish Whiskeys.  Oh and they also serve the best hot dogs in town as well as other hot dishes. 

Weles Bar

A cocktail bar, hidden, without signs and concealed behind an inconspicuous door. It may be in the very centre of the city but it’s a mysterious place. It’s name comes from the Slavic God Weles – Ruler of the Night – who is also the guardian of Magic, Music and Prosperity. When you come inside, you enter a mystical crypt where you can sample exceptional cocktails prepared by Warsaw’s best bar-tenders. The shining zinc ceiling, imported from the United States and the sculpted wooden bars, which used to be a part of a British carousel, make a great background for the meticulously prepared drinks. It’s described as a hidden gem, though prices are relatively high for the city after the adventure of finding it the intimate environment and the experience is worth it.The rest is a secret, open only to those who decide to enter WELES!

Panorama Sky Bar

The highest hotel bar in Poland encourages rocking in the clouds. It’s one of the most atmospheric cocktail bars in Warsaw, located on the 40th floor of the Marriott Hotel, where the view accompanied by eclectic vinyl music, combined with the sophisticated taste of original cocktails simply takes your breath away. From a wide range of vodkas from around the world, through a wide selection of champagnes, to unique cocktails. The experienced alchemists behind the bar invite you to hand-made cocktails and infused alcohols prepared on the basis of herbs, which are a guarantee of exceptional taste sensations. For inspiration these qualified bartenders draw on the latest global trends, each containing unusual alcohol brands, some of them imported to Poland only on the order of Panorama. Take a plane journey with us and enjoy the best views of Warsaw. Everything accompanied by the music played by the cream of the club scene in Poland. After visiting Panorama Sky Bar you will know the meaning of saying “be in the seventh heaven“. 

PiwPaw Parkingowa

For anyone interested in real beer straight from the brewery this is the bar for you. They have 57 taps and allow visitors to enjoy the fascinating world of beer styles from all around the world! They believe people value good beer and want to learn about new flavors.  For anyone interested in becoming a beer student at PiwPaw they have multiple interesting courses. The first is a basic course which teaches how beer is more, different styles and learning to recognise them. The next is a professional sensory training course looking at detecting different aromas and various techniques.  They also offer a food and beer course, to learn about pairings, beer temperatures and types of glasses to use. Finally a girls only workshop to learn everything you want to know, but you were ashamed to ask. All courses end with a lunch and a beer quiz. They are open 24 hours a day, practically all year round. Leaving no excuses not to visit on a trip to Warsaw with 57 taps of draft beer and 200 different bottled beers to try this is a beer lovers paradise. 

The Alchemist Gastropub

Located in the Metropolitan Building at Pilsudski Square in Warsaw. This landmark building was designed by architect Sir Norman Foster and offers a great spot to enjoy any occasion both day and night. It’s fantastic gastropub menu is on offer boasting a wide range of delicious dishes inspired by London & New York gastropub classics. This kitchen boasts the use of an in-house digital smoker imported from the USA to infuse incredible flavours into their carefully selected meats and fresh fish. The bar offers fantastic coffees as well as innovative cocktails, global wines, draft ales & beers. You will also discover here Central Europe’s very first ‘Pour-your-own’ beer wall – an exciting and interactive beer experience that revolutionises the multi-tap trend and allows users to taste 8 different taps and free-pour your own beers without queuing at the bar! The casual-chic gastropub atmosphere is refreshingly new for Warsaw, and evolves & adapts constantly throughout the day into the evening to suit the mood, as The Alchemist has been designed to be an all-day-all-night venue. This is the perfect place for a business coffee brunch during the day, a quick & tasty lunch with work colleagues, after work social drinks with friends or that special dinner in the city centre.

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