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The Best Cocktail Bars In Prague!

The Best Cocktail Bars In Prague!

Capital city of the Czech Republic and nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires”, it’s known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. The city is very popular for Stag and Hen Do’s for the awesome activities available and fantastic bars. We’ve got a list of the best cocktail bars in the city and they all make a good spot to relax and enjoy some relaxed cocktails before or after exploring the city!

Hemingway Bar – Fine Mixology & Luxury Spirits

A place inspired by Ernest Hemingway, one of the most well-known bar lovers, he loved good bars and good drinks all around the world and brought fame to many mixed drinks and innovated on old cocktail recipes. This is why bars around the world offer drinks such as Hemingway Daiquiri or different variations of Papa Doble. They therefore carry his favourite liquors of Absinthe including the limited edition of Hemingway Absinthe, distilled for our bar by Martin Žufánek. Along with a wide varity of over 200 Rums and a choice of the finest sparkling wines from the Champagne region that includes large and famous brands as well as wines from small producers. You will be served by very experienced bartenders, who will provide the best service possible. Their aim is to keep discovering new things and expand their knowledge regarding various products.

Cash Only Bar – Drinks & Hot Dogs

A cocktail bar with a relaxed atmosphere, offering signature drinks as well as forgotten and contemporary classic cocktails. They also serve special hot dogs in homemade buns, with homemade relish, and high quality sausage. Every day the bar is filled with the aroma of freshly made popcorn. Cash Only Bar differs from other bars in almost all respects, they love fresh things and enjoy introducing novelties. Every season comes with a new menu. The spring menu is light and flowery, the winter menu is a bit heavier and more filling. While the permanent menu features drinks from days long gone as well as those newly attempting to win their place in history. They will gladly bring your favourite drink to perfection.

Black Angels Bar – Time of Prohibition

A bar designed in the style of 1930’s America, the time of prohibiton. Original cocktails, special atmosphere and right on the Old Town Square in the Gothic cellar of the U Prince Hotel. The menu has been created based on the preserved notes and sketches of the early 20th century bartending legend, Alois Krcha. The bar was built in the style of the so-called “public house”, where people from all walks of life used to meet their friends and acquaintances to lift their spirits with a glass of good drink after a hard day’s work. At that time, alcohol was completely and incomprehensibly forbidden! To ensure you enjoy your visit, make sure you follow the rules – seating only, smart casual dress-code no hats, don’t disturb other guests and no photography or video, what happens in the bar, remains in the bar.

AnonymouS Bar – We Are Legion

With the interior inspired by the V for Vendettas hideout of V it will surely make you feel safe. The bar is decorated with masks painted on the walls and a life sized figure of the character stands in the corner. A creation of dreams, ideals and ideas of every single person working in it. It can be difficult to find but is just off the old town square and is worth the effort. Browse through their Signature Cocktail menu (ask for the secret menu), that changes every year, or let them create the perfect cocktail for you.

We are the Walkers of the Night; our task is to work from the Hideout. We preach the matters of the Bar culture. We fiddle with the past, with the present and with your fantasies. So enter, Sit back and relax …

AnonymouS Shrinks Office – Small Brother of the Hideout

Another part of the AnonymouS Concept arises and together with the Hideout (AnonymouS Bar) creates the perfect “healing place” for your mind and soul. Within the calm, elegant and intimate interior, turn to them with your troubles and their therapist will prepare some medicine that will help soothe your mind and soul. It’s a unique experience that even the entering the bar itself can be worth, add in spectacular cocktails, friendly staff and a great concept and it’s one cocktail bar not to miss on a trip to Prague.

L’Fleur – Mixology & Champagne

inspired by Paris during La Belle Époque, conventionally dated from 1871 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. The arts during this time flourished especially in Paris and was named in retrospect when it began to be considered a “Golden Age” in contrast to the horrors of World War I. L’fleur is a nice and cozy bar with an interesting and atmospheric interior yet still very welcoming with a professional service and a great range of high quality cocktails, champagnes and fine spirits. If you can grab a seat at the bar and watch the passionate mixologists at work.

Cloud 9 – Sky Bar & Lounge

The first true sky bar in the city, located on the rooftop of Hilton Prague. This chic urban lounge-style glass bar for up to 250 people has a unique atmosphere and offers a magnificent view of Prague not only from the interior but also from the outdoor terraces. They offer a variety of innovative signature cocktails and a trendy food menu. This will be one of the more expensive places for a cocktail but with the stunning views, friendly and professional staff and amazing drinks, it’s definitely worth a visit. 

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What’s your favourite bar in Prague?

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