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The Best Travel Comedy Sketches!

The Best Travel Comedy Sketches!

Below we have some of our favourite travel related sketches from some very talented comedy actors and actresses. We start off with Key & Peele’s sketch on airline boarding orders. Foil, Arms and Hog portray the potential issues of local taxi drivers. Then back to Key & Peele to cover airplane turbulence. Followed by two sketches from Tripp & Tyler, showing what air travel would be like on the ground and the issues with all hotels. After that Saturday Night Live have a bit on pilots in Cockpit. Finally College Humour has an all too real clip on that rich friend who travels way to much …  

Key & Peele // Boarding Order

Foil Arms and Hog // Airport Taxi

Key & Peele // Turbulence

Tripp & Tyler // Air Travel In Real Life

Tripp & Tyler // Every Hotel Ever

Saturday Night Live // Cockpit

College Humour // Your Rich Friend Who Travels All The Time

What is your favourite travel related comedy sketch?

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