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Hilarious Travel Stand Up Comedy!

Hilarious Travel Stand Up Comedy!

Below we have some of our favourite travel related stand up comedy from some very talented comedians. Rhod Gilbert tells a story about losing luggage on the way to Dublin. Ronnie Chieng takes on the no frills culture of budget airlines. Trevor Noah talks about airplane pilots announcements. Aaron Chen explains a funny encounter with an old Chinese woman about custom cards. Sebastian Maniscalco speaks about his frustrations with other people at the airport. Jack Whitehall tells a collection of stories on the pains of travelling abroad. Lee Evans jokes about airline rules and guidelines. Finally, Pete Correale discusses airplane peanuts and airport lifts for face cream …

Rhod Gilbert // Lost Luggage

Ronnie Chieng // No Frills

Trevor Noah // Attention All Passengers

Aaron Chen // Encounter with an old Chinese woman on a plane

Sebastian Maniscalco // Checking in at the airport

Jack Whitehall // The Pains Of Travelling Abroad

Lee Evans // Airport Guidelines

Pete Correale // Airplane Peanuts

What is your favourite travel related stand-up comedy?

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