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DONUT Worry, Dublin’s Best Spots For Fried Dough Deliciousness!

DONUT Worry, Dublin’s Best Spots For Fried Dough Deliciousness!

If your aiming to complete our Dublin City Break Challenge, then this article should help you pick up some delicious points. These are 3 of the top locations in Dublin for Donuts. Have a chat with the the locals during your trip to choose the best place!

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1. The Rolling Donut

The Rolling Donut is an Irish owned family business founded by Michael Quinlan in 1978. It’s a family affair with Michael’s daughters Lisa and Aimee spent their childhood learning all there is to know about donuts. They’ve worked closely with their Dad, growing and developing The Rolling Donut brand along the way. With 5 locations across Dublin, there are no excuses not to pick up a donut here.

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2. Mr Donut

A new stop on Dublin’s donut scene. Mr Donut located at Moore Street Mall, 58 Parnell St, Dublin 1 has just recently celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary. With donuts such as Orange Jam, Rose & Cherry, Raspberry and Oreo, we’re sure they will have plenty more. With on point branding and a fun Instagram, why not visit and have a try! The only question outstanding is: what donut can fly?

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3. Off Beat

LIFE IS ABOUT THOSE BRIEF MAGIC MOMENTS, BEING OURSELVES AND BEING HAPPY WITH WHO WE ARE. Offbeat Donut Co want to bring a little magic into your life by delivering the ultimate donut experience. Their range includes the Unicorn, Caramel Ring, Peanut Butter Cup, The Bueno Bueno to name only a few. Made fresh on site with unique recipes this is one stop not to miss.

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If you can guess how many donuts are in my bag, you can have them both“.

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