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The Three Views of Japan Challenge!

The Three Views of Japan Challenge!

3 Views of Japan Challenge

The Three Views of Japan (日本三景, Nihon Sankei) is the canonical list of Japan’s three most celebrated scenic sights, attributed to 1643 and scholar Hayashi Gahō. In 1915, modeled on the old Three Views of Japan, Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha (株式会社実業之日本社) held a national election to determine a list of New Three Views of Japan.

The views are of the eponymous pine-clad islands of Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture; the pine-clad sandbar of Amanohashidate in Kyoto Prefecture; and Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture. All three are designated Special Places of Scenic Beauty, while Itsukushima is also a Special Historic Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3 Views Of Japan Challenge

The Challenge

To complete this travel challenge you must visit all three locations:

Matsushima Bay, Miyagi Prefecture
Amanohashidate, Kyoto Prefecture
Itsukushima (Miyajima), Hiroshima Prefecture

f you want you can also share your photos along the way of how you completed such an epic challenge.

Feel free to tag @travelmedals on Instagram or Facebook on each picture.

After completing the challenge you can reward yourself with a Travel Medal!

Three Views of Japan Challenge
This is the initial design for the medal. If you have completed this challenge or are planning on a trip to Japan and would like this medal, please get in touch through our Facebook or Instagram pages!

Additional Information

Wikipedia – The lists of four different 3 views of Japan!

Japan Guide – More in depth information on each location.

Nihon Sankei – Three most scenic places website. 

Zooming Japan – Additional background on each view. 

Japan Experience – Final details on each scenic view. 

Three Views Japan


Matsushima is one of the top 3 scenic views in Japan, with over 260 tiny islands. Take a look around Matsushima and a boat trip around the bay with Amy from Cakes with Faces, Her channel documents videos about Japan, travel vlogs and trip planning tips and advice! Amy also designs colourful t-shirts, clothing and gifts, with designs inspired by Japan and kawaii style.

Have you seen all three views of Japan?

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